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Patients at Riemer Eye Center can expect to be informed about any procedure that is to be performed, including what to expect before, during and after your visit.

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Depending on your medical status and your optical needs, your initial eye exam may take 30 to 90 minutes. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork in advance.  

Please bring with you:

  1. Valid Photo ID
  2. Your current glasses or contacts
  3. A list of your medications
  4. Your complete medical history
  5. Insurance information along with identification

Your eyes will most likely be dilated, which means they will be sensitive to light, and your near vision will be blurry. They will remain dilated up to four (4) hours. Some patients prefer to bring someone to drive them home after the exam.

Your exam will begin with a technician recording your complete medical history, checking your vision, intraocular pressure, as well as any other tests the doctor may need or has ordered.

Your glasses will be checked and a refraction will be done to determine if there has been a change in your prescription.

The doctor will evaluate your test results and examine the health of your eyes to determine if any medical problems exist or the need for a new prescription. You should expect the doctor to discuss the findings of the exam and any necessary treatment options. Be sure to ask the doctor questions or address concerns you may at this time.