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Cosmetic eye surgery consists of any of a number of surgical procedures designed to improve the appearance of your eyes, which primarily reduces signs of aging. In most cases, the surgery is performed on the eyelids and/or surrounding tissues, not the eyes.  At Riemer Eye Center, Dr. Deborah Wu is an Ophthalmologist, who specializes in oculoplastics for the eyelids, including blepharoplasty. For some patients, blepharoplasty may be medically necessary when it impairs one's vision and is typically covered by insurance.

In other cases, it's simply the patient's choice to enhance their appearance. An eye lift procedure will restore firmness to the area that surrounds the eyes and minimize dark circles, making you look more rested, alert and years younger. These procedures typically are not covered by insurance. However, Riemer Eye Center offers financing to patients through an outside resource.

In addition, Dr. Wu also provides other cosmetic services that includes:

  • Botox┬«
  • Fillers