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rittespring2015If you wear contact lenses, you already know it’s important to keep your lenses clean to protect your sight and make lens-wearing comfortable.

“But there are some common mistakes many patients make when handling or wearing their lenses that can cause eye infections or other problems,” says Julie Ritter, O.D., a Riemer Eye Center optometrist.

Contact lenses wearers should be sure to follow these dos and don’ts when handling their lenses: 

  • Do clean your lenses carefully and regularly with new, fresh solution and clean hands. 
  • Don’t rinse or store contact lenses in water.
  • Do remove contacts before swimming or hot tubbing.
  • Do rub your contact lenses with your fingers then rinse them with solution to clean them before soaking them, even if your solution says it is no-rub.
  • Don’t put your lenses in your mouth to wet them.
  • Do replace your contacts according to your eye care professional’s advice.


“Patients can use online ordering on our web site to replace their lenses,” says Dr. Ritter. “Simply visit, click on ‘Optical,’ and select ‘Contact Lenses.’ Click the link to order your contacts. We’ll fill your order and you can pick it up, or we will mail your lenses to you for a small fee.”

For an eye exam, contact lenses fitting, or assistance in ordering your contacts, call Riemer Eye Center at 800-974-2020.

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