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Most adults in the US spend five or more hours daily looking at computers and digital devices. Add to that a few hours of television, iPhone browsing or video game play, and you have likely experienced what is known as “digital eye strain.”

“We often see the younger generation, even children, with digital eye strain,” explains Riemer Eye Center optometrist Steven Gould, O.D. “Students, young adults and professionals spend hours upon hours every day looking at their devices or a computer. It’s often a necessary part of work, and not avoidable.”

Symptoms of digital eye strain include sore, burning or itching eyes, watery or dry eyes, blurred vision, headache, and difficulty focusing. See your eye doctor if these symptoms are ongoing, especially if they include a noticeable change in vision, double vision, or lasting headaches.

“During your eye exam talk to your eye doctor about your computer use, how far your eyes are from the screen, and your device use. When working, adjust the lighting until your eyes feel more comfortable. We can add an anti-reflective coating to glasses to help reduce glare and eye strain, and create customized computer glasses, which provide optimal comfort,” says Dr. Gould.

Contact lens wearers are more likely to have digital eye strain and discomfort. Your eye doctor can help determine the best type of lens to relieve eye strain. Today, there are so many lens options to choose among. Good eye health is always important. 

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