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deborah wu m.d.Ophthalmologists specialize in the eyes, and some have additional training and expertise in plastic surgery of the eye area (oculoplastics). Your ophthalmologist may be the perfect physician to perform specialized surgical procedures to improve your vision or cosmetic enhancements to restore a youthful, refreshed look around the eyes.

Many ophthalmologists can also ease facial lines with Botox® or cosmetic fillers anywhere on the face with a quick in-office visit.

Deborah Wu, M.D., a Riemer Eye Center ophthalmologist, is experienced in many aspects of facial plastic surgery; she specializes in performing cosmetic and medical procedures on the delicate tissues in and around the eyes.

“I completed fellowship training with Consultants in Ophthalmic, Facial and Plastic Surgery in Southfield, Michigan. They are experts in the field of oculoplastics, focusing on cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery, so I have a special interest in this area,” says Dr. Wu.

According to Dr. Wu, aging can cause drooping of the eyelids that can affect the upper lids, lower lids or both. For many patients, droopy eyelids, which can cause patients to look tired and aged, are not just a cosmetic concern but a medical problem.

“In many cases, surgery for drooping eyelids, a medical condition, is medically covered by insurance,” says Dr. Wu. “As upper lids droop, patients have impaired peripheral vision, and it affects their ability to read and drive, for example. Patients constantly raise their eyebrows or tip their chins up to compensate.”

The upper lids can be fixed with an eyelid lift, called a blepharoplasty. In some cases, upper lid correction includes lifting the brows or eyelid crease as well.

Lower lids can also droop, extending outward and away from the eyes, and may not offer adequate eye protection, causing dryness and irritation and preventing tears from draining normally. “This is also a medical condition and covered by insurance,” says Dr. Wu.

For some patients, cosmetic reasons are the inspiration for looking into plastic surgery. “Patients often come to me stating that they feel that they look tired or angry,” says Dr. Wu. “An eyelid lift restores a refreshed and youthful look. My philosophy is to use the most efficient and least invasive techniques for significant improvement and lasting effect.”

It is also very common for dark circles and puffy “bags” to develop under the eyes. “These are typically very bothersome to patients and can’t be hidden with makeup,” says Dr. Wu. “With all cosmetic surgery, it’s very important to take a patient’s anatomical features into consideration. I use a combination of techniques to remove excess fatty tissue, extra skin, or both.”

Most surgeries are done on an outpatient basis, and patients can go home the same day.

In addition to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Wu is trained and experienced in the use of Botox® and fillers, such as Restylane® and Radiesse®, to smooth and fill facial lines, and to restore natural facial contours when they become shallow. Dr. Wu also uses fillers to subtly smooth the tiny vertical lines that can appear along the lips.

“Botox® is very effective on dynamic lines in the face such as the ‘11’ lines between the eyebrows or forehead creases,” she explains. “Fillers are for static lines and can be used alone or in combination with Botox® to fill creases. The ‘11’ lines in the forehead or deeper creases such as ‘marionette’ lines (on each side of the mouth) or nasolabial folds (extending from the nose to mouth on each side of the nose) are commonly treated areas.” Botox® is typically effective for three months, while fillers can last as long as a year.

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