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Blurred vision was slowly starting to affect Lou Ann's daily life, and after visiting Dr. Wu at Riemer Eye Center, she learned that cataracts were to blame. After a simple surgery, Lou Ann noticed a significant improvement in her sight that very same day. Watch Lou Ann's story.



When CAT scans and multiple doctors visits couldn't explain her daughter Alyssa's headaches, Tammy Jackoviak decided to bring her children to Riemer Eye Center for a routine exam. It turned out that a pair of glasses was all Alyssa needed. Watch the Jackoviaks story.



A sudden and serious infection caused Roger to experience blindness in his left eye. Dr. Wu, at Riemer Eye Center found the medication Roger required and treated him right away, restoring his vision. Watch Roger's story.



Severe astigmatism gave Sarah headaches and made it difficult for her to drive at night. A PRK procedure corrected her vision to 20/20, and Dr. Riemer believes that Sarah's eyesight could eventually be even better. Watch Sarah's story.



After years of wearing glasses for reading, Sheryl learned that cataracts were causing her distance vision to get foggy. Dr. Riemer performed a simple surgery, and within two weeks her vision was better than it had been in decades. Watch Sheryl's story.