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If you are scheduled for cataract surgery, BEFORE surgery there are a few further steps to follow:

Before Surgery:

  1. Return to the office for measurements of your eye. During this visit your eyes may be dilated. Please plan for at least one hour.
  2. A surgery schedule will be provided along with the time to arrive at the hospital. You will also receive pre-surgical and post-surgical instructions to review.
  3. A prescription for a pre-surgical antibiotic eye drop will be provided for use prior to your surgery.
  4. A surgical informed consent form will be provided for your signature.
  5. Schedule a follow up appointment for one day after your surgery.
  6. Scheduled a one-week follow up appointment for after your surgery.

Before Surgery Expect:

A pre-admission interview with the hospital via the telephone is required. The hospital will call you to discuss your general health and what to expect the day of your surgery. If your health status requires it, you may be required to undergo some pre-admission testing. Expect the call to take approxiately 20 minutes.  You should know or have in front of you:

  • Current medications, including doses.
  • Your medical history, including past surgeries.

Day of Surgery:

Out-patient surgery will be performed at the hospital.

  • The hospital requires that a family member or friend remain at the hospital during your surgery (approximately three hours total) and to drive you home.
  • You will be comfortably sedated for your surgery.
  • You will leave the hospital with your eye patched and be given a surgical bag (please do not remove any medications). 
  • You must have an adult at home with you the day of the surgery.
  • Instructions on the use of your eye drops will be given at the hospital.
  • Rest on the day of surgery. You may resume normal activities the following day unless otherwise instructed.

After Surgery:

Following surgery, you will:

  • See YOUR EYE DOCTOR one day after your surgery. Please remember to bring the bag containing your eye drops that was given to you at the hospital.
  • Have a one week post-operative visit.
  • Be measured for new glasses approximately one month after surgery.