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When you blink a film of tears spread over the eye. This makes the surface of the eye smooth and clear. The tear film makes good vision possible. Changes in tear production can be caused by hormonal changes.  Women are most often affected by dry eye due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause.  However, anyone can experience dry eye.

Oddly, people with dry eye may find their eyes water quite a bit. This is due to the eye responding to the irritation caused by the dry eye. Those who suffer with dry eye may find it difficult to keep their eyes open for a longer period of time and be uncomfortable after reading or watching tv.

Treatment for Dry Eyeeye drops

Adding moisture back to the eye is the treatment. Typically eye drops function as artificial tears. The drops lubricate and help maintain moisture. There are many brands that can be prescribed for the more severe cases, and over the counter eye drops or artifical tears for less severe cases of dry eye are effective.