Riemer Eye Center is equipped with the latest technology in diagnostic and examination equipment. This provides our patients with the most thorough, comprehensive eye examinations available.




General Eye Care
Comprehensive exams help to monitor the health of your eye as well as to determine your need for glasses. Some eye diseases such as glaucoma, which have no early warnings, can only be detected with a thorough eye exam and can result in serious vision loss, if not detected and treated early. Often, during an eye exam the doctor can detect if there are other health conditions that may not yet be known.

How Often Should Your Eyes Be Examined? 
If you are over 35, a comprehensive eye exam every two (2) years is recommended. Patients over 65 or with a family history of glaucoma, diabetes or diabetic retinopathy should have a yearly eye exam.

Children should receive eye exams before starting school. Because kids don’t yet know the difference between good and bad vision, it is recommended they participate in school vision testing and having a regular eye examination.

In some cases, infants may require eye care, at Riemer Eye Center we treat babies too.

Your eye exam will take approximately 30 to 90 minutes. Your eyes will be dilated which means your near vision may be fuzzy for three to four hours and likely sensitive to light. Bring your sunglasses with you or we can provide you with disposable ones, if needed to reduce the light sensitvity. Also, bring any prescription glasses, such as computer or reading glasses to your exam.

Your Eye Exam Will Include the Following:
1. Complete medical history, history of any eye problems,
2. Visual acuity at both distance and near, pupil check, confrontation visual fields, extraocular muscle evaluation, refraction, intraocular pressure reading, dilation, examination of the front part of your eye using the slit lamp microscope.
3. Examination of the retina inside of your eye including the optic nerve.

After all tests are performed and evaluated, your doctor will explain the findings and make recommendations to help maintain the health of your eyes. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about your vision or eyes during your appointment. Educating patients about their eye health is important.

At Riemer Eye Center we believe outstanding customer service and personalized care are an essential part of any eye exam. Please be sure to bring any concerns to our attention.

Scheduling Your Next Exam

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